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FAQS(for one of the best escape room in Barcelona)



The duration of the game is 60 minutes, with a brief introduction initially, and a small conversation with the GM at the end (80/90 minutes in total). You have to come on time or 5 minutes before. Not allowed to enter in the game 15 minutes after the reserved hour, and any right of return will get lost.

Session annulation:

Before 7 days because this session is reserved for you, so if we liberate it in a minor time there are few opportunities to return to reserve it. For this, there is a cost of 10 € for the work of management, which they will be discounted of the amount to refund you.

Date changing:

Up to 3 days before. We have booked this session for you and nobody can accede to it. If you modify it, perhaps we couldn’t reserve it again. The cost of this change is 10€.

What do we bring?:

The document that we sent you with the confirmation e-mail, refilled and signed by the whole group. That all the players know the history and the rules of procedure before the beginning. If it remains something to pay, exact money ready if possible. Go to the bath before coming; our bath is in the interior, you can use it during the game.


Image rights:

You will sign that all you are informed that the interior cameras used for the follow-up of the game do not record any image. The box “Cedo Imágenes” you can mark wether you accept or not that we publish a photo of your group in our website and social networks. Think a name of the group!

Physical skills:

There are not physical trials. Simply you must have a good health to be standing up for one hour, to stoop and to get up to look for tracks. It is not an ideal tour for handicapped persons, but it is possible to realize. Also, we have done some session with blind persons. Call and we comment.


You can play alone from 16 years old. The minors of 16, if they form part of a family group, they will enjoy it. There are safety measures but it is not adapted for children minor of 5/6 years. Groups of 16-year-old minors with a unique adult accompanist are not admitted too.


Organize the activity as a prize for the workers, competition between groups , team building sessions or staff selection. We’ve got an itinerant room escape for big groups which we can bring anywhere you need it. Ask us about it and take profit of one of the best escape room in Barcelona.


Can we abandone?:

Once initiated the game, the abandon of the whole group will mean the loss of the game, without right to return the amount. If a person has to or decides to leave for any reason, he will not be able to return to enter again and the game will continue with the rest of the group.

If I break something?:

The objects can be broken for the use or bad luck. The break caused for some extra force or vandalism will signify the expulsion without return of the amount, and possible claim for damages. If the GM detects symptoms of drunkenness it will be a motive of expulsion. Not allowed the use of mobiles, lighters or similar.

Is it scary?:

Our room escape is raised to test the skill and the ingenuity of our players. We do not provoke frights, situations of fear or scares. The subject matter is adapted to do in family, with children, groups of friends, only with the idea to spend awhile agreeably and of fulfilling a challenge. No doubt, one of the best escape room in Barcelona.


The doors or passages you cross they will remain opened, for what if you need to leave the game for panic or claustrophobia you will be able to do it without barriers. The ceilings are high and are not closed. The door of entry is not blocked and it is made of polystyrene. In addition, the tour has indicators of emergency exit.


Prices and players:

Prices are for session and number of players. Up to 8 players (we recommended 4 or 5). If you do not know how many players will you be, you can book the minimums and later you can extend. Working Monday to Thursday are cheaper. Sessions after 21:00 and special festive days no promos or discounts are admitted.

Need invoice:

If you need an invoice, with the detailed IVA (VAT), facilitate your data to us when the purchase is done, and it will be delivered or sent you by e-mail on having finished the game. We need your complete name or company, address, NIF/CIF. The prices of the sessions already include 21 % of IVA (VAT).

How can I pay?

a) 100% on booking with VISA, wire transfer or deposit in ATM without envelope.

b) 30€ on booking as sign with transfer or ATM deposit without envelop, and the rest in cash before the beginning of the game.

Bco. Sabadell or CaixaBank. We should dispose of the amount before initiating the game.

ROOM ESCAPE VIP, S.L. Gran Via Corts Catalanes, 202 local 3. 08004 Barcelona (España). NIF: B-67.015.255 Tlf: +34 93 144 61 55 // +34 673 650 612*

First of all we hope that these frequently asked questions and their answers have helped you to encourage you to come and visit one of our best escape room in Barcelona. However, if you have any questions, our phone and email are at your disposal.

FAQS Frequently Asked Questions